Facebook Paid Likes Fraud Exposed

This video shows how paid likes from facebook or fiverr are useless.

The best way to get likes from people who are interested in the subject your trying to promote is;

1. Create a site using wordpress with lots of content and posts about the subject.

2. Install a plugin called Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox.  This plugin is free and it will create a pop-up encouraging the reader to “like” your page.  You can set the plugin to pop-up after the reader is on the page using a delay of what ever amount of time you want.   I usually have mine set to about 40 seconds so they have time to read some of the content or view part of a video before they see the like box.

You can get the Facebook Page Promoter here –  https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-page-promoter-lightbox/

Using this method, you can get lots of  “likes” from people who really are interested in your niche and will respond when you make posts on your facebook page.

If you want to increase your likes, you can buy some cheep traffic from services such as Microsoft adCenter.

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