Graphical Optin Template Pack 1


So what’s included in this
amazing optin template pack?

Well, first you’re going to receive a professionally designed and coded optin graphic template perfect for offering a FREE Report to your subscribers.  Best of all, NO GRAPHICS EDITING required.  A few simple tweaks to the html of the autoresponder code and you’re all set (more on that in a moment)!

PLUS… you’re not only going to receive one FREE REPORT Optin Graphic template, you’re getting a total of SIX:


And Here’s A Full Size Image Sample As Well


  • Next, you’re also going to receive a NEWSLETTER optin form graphic perfect for adding to the top fold of any page.  The actual graphic is only 200 pixels wide making it the perfect fit for the right or left side of your webpage.  Best of all, the optin graphic will expand vertically as you add content and images to it – NO GRAPHICS EDITING REQUIRED!


And Here’s A Full Size Image Sample As Well


  • And that’s not all!  To really help you dress up your web pages, I’m also including a full set of matching Testimonial Boxes.  These testimonial boxes will immediately help you get your testimonials noticed and add credibility to any offer you have on your page.   You won’t just receive one testimonial box… you’ll get a full set of SIX boxes all color coordinated to match the optin graphics above:


And Here’s A Full Size Image Sample As Well


How nice would one of these “gems” look on your current web pages?

  • And there’s still more!  To really bring this whole package together, You’re also going to receive a complete set of 6 matching web templates that you can use immediately with any of the optin graphics or testimonial boxes to really make your offers pop off the page:



Let’ just recap briefly and take a look at everything you’ll receive in this amazing template pack:

  1. 6 Color coordinated FREE REPORT optin graphics
  2. 6 Color coordinated NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION optin graphics
  3. 6 Color coordinated TESTIMONIAL BOXES
  4. 6 Color coordinated WEB PAGE TEMPLATES


That’s a total of 24 sales page graphics in all!  Best of all you’ll never have to edit any graphics to have that professional look and feel you’ve been looking for.  And because each of these graphics are color coordinated, you can mix and match various elements to give your website the ULTIMATE in professional look and function for your optin offers.

WAIT!… Already have a website you truly adore?

No problem… grab one of the optin graphics and add it to any existing page in minutes.  All you have to do is edit two lines of html code to add your autoresponder ID and upload the files to your website – and PRESTO… you’re done!

You’re only limited to your imagination with these color coordinated combinations….

Sounds Like A Great Offer..
How much is the “Graphical Optin Template Package” going to cost me?

Well… as I mentioned previously, just one custom designed and coded optin graphic would cost you anywhere from $75 to $150.  PLUS… add to that the additional graphics you’ll receive in this package and I think you’ll agree that $97 would be a steal for this package.

But you’re not going to pay $97 if you act today…

… not $67…

… not $47…

If you act today, you can get the entire package for just $17

You will get an instant download of this product after purchase.
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Graphical Optin Template Pack 1
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