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SEO POWERSUITE is one of the most advanced search engine optimization software that is available in the market today. With its distinguished features it has certainly established itself as the undisputed winner in the segment of SEO programs. In most of the leading SEO programs all the functions are combined and placed under one control.

SEO POWERSUITE contains four different programs which can be controlled and operated separately. This decreases the complexity of the program and makes it easy for the user to use the program. For an example, suppose you want to track the rank and traffic of your web site, so for that you just have to open the Rank Tracker program and then you can work on that activity.

By dividing a macro program into four micro programs, SEO POWERSUITE helps you to concentrate and focus in a more effective way. This in turn makes this program more productive.
The four programs are:-
1) Website Auditor
2) Rank Tracker
3) SEO Spyglass
4) LinkAssistant

WebSite Auditor:

WebSite Auditor is the primary program. It checks the settings of your web site and makes it ready for maximum clicks. This program checks the correctness of the code, tracks the Google page ranking for the individual pages of your web site and tracks the broken links. So, pave the right way for your web site with this program and all the other SEO PowerSuite programs will perform better. Another feature of this program is its auto update feature. Once you launch this program, it automatically checks for regular updates and updates itself and other programs.

In order to use this program, you just have to enter the URL of the web site. The time taken for checking and obtaining the web site details depends on the size of the web site. Especially for larger web site as the data to be checked is more, so it will take a longer duration. Therefore my advice is that you run this program in the background and start with some other task. If you want to make any changes, you can go to the preferences section and make the required changes.

Rank Tracker:

Rank Tracker checks the ranking of your web site and its web pages and shows how a web page is ranking for a given URL and keywords in the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition to this, it also projects the expected levels of traffic for the individual pages of the web site. It also helps you to find keywords related to your web site content. So, you can also use this program to find new keywords for your web site. It also gives you a graph showing the percentage score of each search engine and the performance of the web pages. This is one of special features of this program. It enables you to identify the pages which need improvement and more attention.

SEO Spyglass:

SEO Spyglass checks for back links for given keywords. Basically, this program helps you to identify your toughest competitor. It will also find all of the sites which your competitor has backlinks. Using this information, you can “reverse engineer” how your competitor managed to achieve their ranking and use this information to get your site to performs as well. In other words, after you find the web sites where a competitor has backlinks, you could get links on the same or similar sites.

To use this program, you need to enter either the keyword or the URL. Once you have entered the keyword, this program will find the highest ranked site for that keyword. Then it will trace the backlinks of this site and expose all the details of the web site. The details include everything- popularity of the web site in social media, links posted on blogs, name of the sites on which the links are posted.

It gives you a lot of details. So, if you want limit the details for your specific requirements, you can make changes in the preference section.


As the name suggest, LinkAssistant helps you to get more links. It searches a suitable link partner for your web site and gives you all the details of that web site. Then, you can email potential link partners to ask them about placing backlinks on their site. This really helps speed up the process of getting backlinks. It also helps you to construct a link directory for your web site. You can use this link directory to provide reciprocal links to other web sites.

I have been using SEO PowerSuite for about 6 months and would like to conclude by saying that SEO POWERSUITE is excellent for achieving optimum Ranking in the search engines. It has become a indispensable part of my SEO Consulting Business.

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