Starsdoor Removal is an annoying pop up adware program which causes pop up ads to appear about every 5 minutes.  It is usually downloaded from file sharing sites like bear share disguised as a serial code cracker. Most ad ware removal programs cannot find it and will not remove it.   The good news is that it’s easy to remove.  Go to My computer.. right click Local Disk C…. select explore, then go to  C:\Program Files\Ipwindows\ and look for a file called ipwins.exe.  This is the file which makes the program run.  There should be an uninstall file in the folder.  Simply double click the file named uninstall.exe and it should remove the program from your computer.

Another great free program for removing viruses is Malwarebytes

If  you have some computer technical knowledge, I recommend downloading and running a program called hijackthis. You can download a copy at

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